The oils of Jaén, among the best cooks in the world

The Diputación de Jaén is promoting the extra virgin olive oils Jaén Selección 2017 and products included in Degusta Jaén in one of the main world congresses dedicated to culinary topics, such as San Sebastián Gastronómika, in which more than 1,100 participants will participate and tastings and demonstrations with these products from Jaén.

The second vice-president and deputy deputy of Promotion and Tourism, Manuel Fernández, has travelled to the Kursaal Palace in San Sebastian, where this event is taking place until Wednesday and that “brings together the best of world gastronomy in terms of chefs and chefs of the best restaurants in the world”.

In this fair, the provincial administration is present with an exhibitor of 18 square meters in which is disseminated “fundamentally the best extra virgin olive oils of the province of Jaén, Jaén Selección, and the product of the brand Degusta Jaén, in addition to oleoturism, which also has a place in this space.

“Our presence at this event implies a much wider promotion effort, because the 1,100 congress attendees will receive, along with the specific documentation of this event, a small bottle of some of the eight oils Jaén Selección,”commented the head of Promotion and Tourism.