Seville capital receives 5.25% more American travelers between January and August compared to 2016

These figures are data that was highlighted this Saturday in a statement by Antonio Muñoz, Councillor Delegate of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism of the City Council of Seville, who stressed that these data are “the result of the reinforcement in the promotion”.

Specifically, between January and August of this year, 115,069 U. S. tourists visited the city of Seville, 5.25 percent more than in the same period of 2016, while their overnight stays reached 244,311,12.77 percent more than in the same period of 2016.

The U. S. market is the second most important market for the capital of Seville after France, where 124,959 travelers and 301,757 overnight stays were received in the first eight months of the year.

In this context, the brand’ Andalusian Soul’, which brings together the tourist offer of the cities of Seville, Malaga, Granada and Cordoba, will participate next week, between 10 and 12 October, in the days organized by Turismo Andaluz in New York in order to increase its market share in an issuer that is registering high growth figures in these four capitals.

This trade mission includes a series of visits to some tour operators and travel agents specialized in the cultural tourism segment, such as Central Holidays, ISRAM, Global Concepts, Altour or Fisher Travel Enterprises. In addition, Andalusian Soul is expected to participate in two workshops, with a total of 160 travel agents, according to the City Council of Seville in a statement.

The first of these will be held on Tuesday 10 October with the Young Travel Professionals association, while the other will be held on 11 October with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). There are also two presentations of the Andalusian tourist offer, as well as a concert of the Orchestra St. Petersburg. Luke’s, directed by Pablo Heras-Casado.

At the end of the concert, a reception will be held for fifty guests in the Shorum Club hall of the Carnegie Theatre. The aim is to establish alliances to promote the new destination brand, which represents the’ Spanish essence’ in the US market, which will maintain the level of growth it is experiencing this year in coming years.

These actions are a continuation of the promotional activities plan launched last year in the United States, when the Andalusian Soul project was promoted, by the Tourism Area of the Malaga City Council, in the cities of New York, Washington and Boston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In fact, the United States is “a strategic market for this tourism alliance that combines tourist products from the capitals that make it up and joint packages to promote visits and stays.

Antonio Muñoz, the municipal delegate of Habitat Urbano, Culture and Tourism of Seville, has highlighted the importance of this tourism alliance to reach more long distance markets. “The growth registered by the United States in the city of Seville is the result of the strengthening of the promotion undertaken by the Seville Tourism Consortium and the additional complement that comes from the wide range of heritage, cultural and gastronomic offerings that add up the four capitals,”he said.