images of the city of sl-Malaga

Guided visits to the main monuments and museums of Malaga. Meet and visit MALAGA with an OFFICIAL TOURISM GUIDE, is a tour that will give you an extensive picture of our historical-artistic heritage and we advise, due to its duration, to divide between morning and afternoon.

Here are some ways to meet and visit MALAGA:

The nearby areas have been inhabited since time immemorial, as evidenced by the discovery of dolmens, cave paintings, etc., it is known of the human settlement on the same current city in the time of the Turdulos.

It was a Phoenician and Greek commercial colony. It went through all the stages that chronologically have marked the history of our land, Carthaginians, Romans, Germans and Byzantines, until it became one of the main bastions of the Islamic empire of Al Andalus, resisting together with Granada, until the end, the challenges of the Reconquest.

Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, is currently the sixth largest Spanish city in terms of population and one of the most important in terms of economy, cutting-edge technology and the establishment of large companies. With an international airport that connects the city with almost two hundred points of the planet in regular flights and that is the largest center of reception of tourists throughout Andalusia.