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Different entities related to tourism denounce the appearance in Madrid and other Spanish cities of pirated tourist guides without “any kind of preparation”.

The Confederation of Businessmen, Self-employed and Service Businesses of the Community of Madrid (Cecoma) and the Professional Association of Tour Guides have denounced the appearance of people who claim to offer tourist routes in the region, a priori free, without guaranteeing their preparation or being authorized by any competent agency.

According to Cecoma, in a press release, these “pirate guides” ask tourists for a bonus or gratuity that usually oscillates between 5 and 15 euros, a significantly higher amount than the 3.90 euros charged by the City Council of Madrid for a visit of this type and is also coordinated by professional guides.

Complained visits are usually conducted by persons who do not have no preparation, have not been authorized by any competent body that has evaluated their knowledge and are not bound by any code of ethics. There is also no regulation to which consumers who have been victims of poor service can avail themselves.

Finally, Cecoma insists that these false guides do not have a labor contract that is legal for the exercise of this profession and, consequently, do not pay taxes to the Treasury. .

Madrid is not the only Spanish city where these pirate guides seem to be proliferating. Barcelona, Seville or Malaga have also registered cases of this type.