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Guided tours in Jaén. Meet and visit JAÉN and its Province with an OFFICIAL TOURISM GUIDE, the Cathedral of Jaén, the Arab Baths, the Castle of Santa Catalina... and the Renaissance cities of Ubeda and Baeza, World Heritage Site.

Here are some ways to meet and visit JAÉN:

Jaén, the capital of the province with the largest number of protected areas in Spain, is located in a place surrounded by olive groves. Its origin as a centre of Arab caravans, its importance as a fortress on the Castilian-Muslim border during the Reconquest and its current dedication to the production of olive oil, make it an essential place to visit.

beda, known as the capital of the Andalusian Renaissance, this town in Jaén sits on a hill next to the valley of the Upper Guadalquivir, in the region of La Loma. Its old town, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, houses a splendid monumental legacy made up of churches, palaces and noble houses.

Baeza rises on a small promontory, dominating a landscape of olive groves, in the heart of La Loma region. Declared a historical-artistic site, Baeza has an incredible Renaissance legacy, where the carved stone contrasts with the whitewashed farmhouse. Located on the Andalusian Renaissance Route and the Nazaríes Route, it is an exceptional place to visit the whole region and taste its pure olive oil, the centre of the Mediterranean diet.