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Visit and discover Salamanca with an official local guide. The University, The Plaza Mayor, the house of the Muertes,the Clerecía, the house of the Conchas, the Patio Chico, the cathedrals and so many other unforgettable places.

We propose you a few ways to know Salamanca:

1.Monumental Salamanca
2.The route of the convents
3.Legends and tales
4.Salamanca route by night

The county was inhabited 2300 years ago by celts, vacceos in the north and vetones in the South.
Hannibal Barca besieged and conquered the city in 220 b C, when the name of the city was Helmantica, name that later on gave Salamanca.
Its privileged location, by the river Tormes, has probably been the reason for that soon human settlement. With the Romans, they built the old stone bridge, to connect Astorga and Merida in the Silver Way. In the times of the Visigothics they stablished the Episcopal siege. There are still today, four churches from the Romanesque times: Saint Martin, Saint Christopher, Saint John of Bárbalos and Saint Mark.
The Muslim domination was short, since the city was reconquered by King Alfonso I quite soon, and passed from hand to hand  until the definitive conquest of Alfonso VI.
People from Portugal, Castille, France and other places came to repopulate the region.
In the early years of the XIII Century, they founded the University, one of the firsts in Europe. It became a very importan textile centre.
In the XVI century the splendour of the University and the demographic explosion, even though those were bad times in center Castille.
In the XIX century it is named capital city of the county and connected to Portugal by train, which is a real economic advance.

In 1989 the UNESCO delcares the city World Heritage and it has recently been European City of The Culture. Come to know it.